The Sims is de facto life simulation available on the market and it can be enjoyed on computer and mobile games. So why search for games similar to The Sims if the best already exists? Even though The Sims has a lot of replay value due to many expansions packs and custom mods available to download, it can still get stale. After playing The Sims for over 10 years, from the first to the latest updates, I’ve grown a bit tired of the game.

So here is the result of searching for games similar to The Sims but different enough to make it new and exciting.

Second life


Released in 2003, Second Life is an online virtual world that is teeming with vibrant characters and lifestyles. Available on Windows and Mac OS X, there is no official mobile app for the game. However, there are mods and hacks you can use to play this on your iPhone. What sets this game apart from other life simulation game is that this is truly a massive open 3-D world that is almost as complex as the real world. With its own economy and variety of avatars you can create, this might even be considered the adult version of The Sims.

Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House


Many Sims hardcore enthusiasts may scoff this one down saying it is a cheap copycat with none of the vibrant world that the original has to offer. Pump your breaks. Virtual Families 2 puts a different spin to this genre by making the core gameplay just as complex as The Sims, raising a family.

You can not only get married and have your own kids, but you can also adopt kids as long as you have enough resources to support it. This is one of those games where earning resources can be a time-sink, so using hacking tools like Virtual Families 2 free money cheats is highly advisable.

Paradise Island


A freemium game that you can play on iOS and Android. As the title implies, the game plays in a magical tropical island where you must entice more tourists to your island by all means necessary. By scoping out the best locations and popular attraction sites, your success depends on scoring as many visitors as you can muster.