Panda Pop is available for free download on mobile devices like Android and iPhone. Not only that, you can play the game on Windows or Mac. You can also solve this bubble shooter game by using the glitch to your advantage. There are a lot of Panda Pop game cheats that can be used to unlock all the levels in game, as well as unlimited lives.

Having free lives is nice because it gives you more chance at being that level you were stuck on. It’s possible the game freezes and end up ruining your level. This is why having the right Panda Pop cheats is nice to play the game with friends.

SO what type of glitches are easily found? For instance, you can skip right to the final level by using the glitches and cheats. Happy Hour is often celebrated by the gamers of Panda Pop and earning coins is easy during this time.

So how many levels can you skip with the right glitch? This is entirely up to you as level unlocking is limitless.