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Longhai hospital in preparation for the new two-level hospitals, is currently under construction in Qingdao, one of the largest private general hospital. Longhai Hospital is located in the eastern city of Qingdao roughness, beautiful scenery and yard. Hospitals with a total investment of about 300 million yuan, of which a construction area of ??52,219 square meters, construction area of ??37,000 square meters, of which the ground floor of Building outpatient ward, on the ground thirteen, convalescent ward building area of ??3747 square meters, other supporting space 5,250 square meters.

Longhai hospital construction investment from Qingdao Longhai Group, Tsing Yi Fuyuan (former Alexander Hospital) involved in the management. Qingdao Tsing Yi Fuyuan Miao Zhimin president to visit the site to participate in the ceremony and delivered a speech to speak. Longhai Group will continue to play a future capital and operational advantages help doctors capital, technology, research, management and brand advantages of the Tsing Yi Fuyuan Qingdao Qingdao Longhai Hospital, playing a first-class brand to the hospital.

Hospital Address: Shandong Pingdu City Experimental School in Guangzhou northbound north side