games similar to clash of clans
You peer anxiously through the window, scouting the surrounding land for any sign of your enemy. He has been attacking your fortress almost daily; defense is now your only thought. Each day is spent trying to strengthen and consolidate your compound. You cannot look away for fear that you will succumb, as many have.

This may sound like a medieval melodrama, but it has become the reality for millions of people the world over. What is it? Clash of Clans, a mobile app in which users build a fortress and attempt to protect it from invaders. Released in 2012, the game has since exploded in popularity.

What is it that makes it so popular though? A combination of strategy and risk taking, the game offers thrilling challenges and high stakes. Great rewards and devastating losses. It also allows for in game purchases which allow players to advance without the risk of losing. Either way you choose to play, it’s an addicting scenario.

However, like all trends, people eventually grow tired of them- or at least have their fill. That is precisely what is happening with Clash of Clans. So the question now is: What do we play next? How do we get the next fix? Over the course of this article, I’m going to outline five up and coming games similar to Clash of Clans that will be sure to keep you glued to your screen.

Clash Royale

From the creators that brought you the CoC comes another blockbuster mobile game. Based on the same theme in the veins of Clash of Clans, this new mobile game for Android and iOS combined the success of the original game with tower defense mechanisms. Extremely fun and addictive, Clash Royale is all about picking the right cards for your deck to come out on top. In game resources can be acquired easily with online tools like Clash Royale unlimited gem generator.

Boom Beach

From the same company that created Clash of Clans, Supercell, comes this gem. Set in a tropical paradise, the goal is defend and attack various islands. Each of these islands offers a unique and challenging battle. Similar to Clash of Clans in its status as a “freemium” game, it offers that same thrill in a wholly different manner. Coupled with great graphics and a villain with his own hilarious series of propaganda videos. This game is offered as a free download on Google Play, the App Store, and Facebook.

Star Wars: Commander

I’ll be honest: this game is practically Clash of Clans, but set in the world of Star Wars. Who could complain about that? With the recent release of Star Wars Episode Seven: The Force Awakens, this game is sure to become a sensation. In it, you can play as your own character, or take on the persona of an already existing one. Ever wanted to be Darth Vader? Now’s your chance. Build your compound, defend it, and attack others. All while wielding a lightsaber. This game is available on Google Play, the App Store, and the Window’s Store.

Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures

Similar to Star Wars, this game is set in outer space. The difference being if outer space was designed by Walt Disney for children’s film. Featuring adorably animataed creatures dubbed “starlings”, the goal is to create a colony and defend it. You also have the option of attacking other’s colonies. Although initially created for Facebook, this game is now also available in the App Store.

Call of Duty: Heroes

Another franchise tie in, this game boasts the same characters, weapons, and action as the original Call of Duty games, but adds the premise of Clash of Clans. What’s not to love? Call of Duty is widely viewed as one of the greatest video games; this app only adds to its reputation. An added bonus in this game is the ability to join forces with your friends to take down your enemies. You have the option of multi player. This game is available for download from the App Store, Amazon, Google Play, and the Window’s Store.

Jungle Heat

Taking a break from the Sci fi, this game’s setting is obvious: the jungle. The goal of this game is to gain command over the tropical region and its resources (gold and oil). In order to do this though, you have to build and defend your base and defeat the mercenaries who would run you out of the jungle. Gamers have described this game as similar to an action film. Perhaps the best feature of this app though, is its allowance for cross platform playing. This means that you can play it on any social network or device and be able to save your progress go from there the next time you play. It is available for download from the App Store, Facebook, and Google Play,and the Window’s Store.

There you have it: five ways to get your Clash of Clans fix. Go forth and build, and defend, and conquer whether it be in the jungle or in outer space. The possibilities are limitless.